Gabriel Connolly

My name is Gabriel Connolly, and I am a partner at A&A Accounting.  After graduating, Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts I joined the Peace Corps and began my hands-on accounting experience as an Economic Development Consultant in Paraguay.  Most of the small businesses I worked with kept no records, and had no idea how much money they were making.  I worked with them to create a simple general ledger in a notebook.  As their confidence grew, we created better accounting solutions that prepared them to grow their businesses.

When I returned to America, I used the experience I gained abroad, building accounting solutions for businesses, and individuals.

At A&A Accounting, we know that businesses need more than Bookkeepers. They need an all-inclusive Accountant they can rely on to give good tax and strategic advice which will maximize their potential.

We enjoy partnering with individuals as well as dedicated and passionate business owners, especially those with a vision for future growth.


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Aladdin Connolly and I am a Partner at  A&A Accounting. I am a speaker on Boston Money Matters Radio, as “The Tax Guy”. I am an Enrolled Agent licensed to Practice before the IRS.

I bring an unusual background and experience to Accounting. I was born in Washington DC. Shortly after birth my parents began to travel the world. Over the following decades our travels took us to over 40 countries while our family grew. My mom had eleven children! I began my career in humanitarian work in East Europe, where I was director of a Children’s Foundation in Romania. I moved to Massachusetts in 2001 and began my Accounting career in 2006. I love meeting new people, and sharing new experiences. I love discovery in all it’s forms. If you prefer to work with a “real person”, rather than a stuffed suit, let’s meet!

 Aladdin Connolly

Debbie Campbell
Tax Specialist

Hi, my name is Debbie Campbell.  I have over 20 years’ experience as an Income Tax Specialist.  Over the years many of my clients have become like family.  I’ve been with them through marriages, starting new businesses, growing their own families and other important life experiences.  I love hearing about peoples’ lives and sharing news of my own, like my daughter’s graduation at the top of her nursing class.

Taxes are my passion.  I enjoy researching obscure tax facts that can be applied to specific situations.  I thrive on doing an exceptional job helping to navigate the changing tax environment and getting the best refund possible.

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My name is Anthony Yesket. After receiving a bachelor degree from Clark University and a Master’s degree from Anna Maria College,  I began my career working in the corporate sector as Corporate controller, Financial Manager and Corporate tax accountant. After many years I started to focus my attention on individual tax returns and received my credentials of Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the IRS.

I have been preparing personal and small business tax returns for over 25 years helping individuals start and grow their business as well as working with individual’s giving the best possible advice based on the latest tax rules and regulations getting the best refund possible

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Anthony Yesket
Enrolled Agent

Anthony Yesket

Barbara Cowen
Bookkeeping, Marketing

Let me introduce myself.  I am Barbara Cowen.  I joined A&A Accounting in 2016, bringing with me 7 years of experience working for a CPA firm in Central Massachusetts.  My Accounting experience includes bookkeeping, payroll, and processing tax returns.

My priority is assisting our clients with their growing businesses by providing them with accurate bookkeeping and support.  Having run my own small website development and digital marketing business for over 20 years, I understand many of the issues that some of our small business clients encounter.

I am a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston.

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