aladdinbrazil4sAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Aladdin Connolly and I am the founder of A&A Accounting. I am a speaker on Boston Money Matters Radio, as “The Tax Guy”. I am an Enrolled Agent licensed to Practice before the IRS.

I bring an unusual background and experience to Accounting. I was born in Washington DC. Shortly after birth my parents began to travel the world. Over the following decades our travels took us to over 40 countries while our family grew. My mom had eleven children! I began my career in humanitarian work in East Europe, where I was director of a Children’s Foundation in Romania. I moved to Massachusetts in 2001 and began my Accounting career in 2006. I love meeting new people, and sharing new experiences. I love discovery in all it’s forms. If you prefer to work with a “real person”, rather than a stuffed suit, let’s meet!